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There's a plaintive little cry below the box in which I'm typing.  It says: " you haven't added any cookbooks to your library!"

Fair enough.  I've been collecting cookery books all my long life, and now have a large collection,  many of them ancient, dog-eared, food-spattered and very disreputable-looking; some of them really useful. 

I've decided to try to list at least some of them for nibblous, but my spirit quails when I contemplate the immensity of the task. 

First, I must find a clipboard and the step-ladder...

See you later!

[later]  Done one shelf so far.  I've got some really obscure stuff that I'd long forgotten about.

[later still]  Bugger that for a game of soldiers.  My books are too weird to be recognised, it seems.  I type in the ISBN number and am told that Amazon doesn't care for it so I can naff off.

Ah, well - perhaps nibblous doesn't need my cookery books after all. That's a relief. Think I'll go and have a nice cup of tea.

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ramtops said on 13 Mar 2006 at 17:00:45:

well, I did say that - at the moment - you can only add ones that Amazon knows about.  When I have time, I will write the code to allow any book to be added.

sasha said on 13 Mar 2006 at 17:31:20:

I shall hold myself ready.

sasha said on 14 Mar 2006 at 17:10:51:

If there is a special prize for people who get things badly wrong, I think I am a powerful contender.

I was entering the ISBN number of each cookery book as it appears on the flyleaf: grouped in little clumps of numbers with spaces in between.  It seems that you're not supposed to put in spaces.  I happened to try enetering one of the ISBN numbers minus spaces, and LO AND BEHOLD:  it worked perfectly.

Now, where's my special prize?

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