Having made a lovely dexter beef stew last week I decided that Rik's contribution would be to make the dumplings.  He'd done them before without trouble.  This time he decided to experiment and, as he had a bottle of lager in his hand as he was making them he decided to use lager instead of water to mix the flour and suet.  The result was the lightest, fluffliest dumplings I've ever had. 

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hem said on 27 Feb 2006 at 13:06:25:

drunken dumpings- great idea.

re dumpings- the czechs always amaze me they have one of the heaviest cuisines around (think pork and fried and all combinations of those two) yet have the lightest, fluffiest dumplings know to man. I guess they use pilsner instead of lager though.

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