eggs (or chicken!) mayonnaise

favourite family recipe - serves three to four

I average-sized tin of tuna chunks in oil
Hellman's mayonnaise - about quarter of a pint
Juice of half a lemon
6 anchovy fillets
6 hard-boiled eggs, or fine slices from a cold roast chicken (breast and drumsticks)
capers for garnish.

put the anchovy fillets into the goblet of liquidizer, followed by the lemon juice.  Then pile in the tuna, followed by the mayonnaise.

whiz to blend into smooth paste.  You may have to whiz a bit, then wait for the ingredients to subside with a little sigh before whizzing again.   A plastic spatula for prodding the mixture may be useful at this point. Carry on patiently until the whole lot has achieved the ideal consistency.

in a serving dish, arrange the hard-boiled eggs, halved lengthways and rounded sides upwards (or the slices of cold roast chicken).  Pour the sauce over the top. Decorate with capers.  Refrigerate before serving.

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