caramelised potatoes

2 kilos very large potatoes
1 heaped tablespoonful caster sugar
60gms unsalted butter

Using a good tough melon scoop, scoop out balls of potato flesh.  Be sparing and scoop as many spheres as you can out of each large potato.  

If your melon scoop complains or even snaps off, you will have to resort to fashioning little potatoes from chunks of the big ones.

Put the little potato balls in a pan of cold water, bring to the boil and cook for about 5 minutes. Drain the potatoes and leave in colander.

Put the sugar into a large frying pan and heat it gently over low heat, stirring until it becomes a golden brown caramel colour.  Beware of allowing it to get too hot, or it will burn - and you will have to start again from zero.

Add the butter, and dip the colander with the potatoes into a bowlful of cold water, which will help the caramel mixture to stick to the potatoes.

Add the potato balls to the pan of caramel and cry over low heat, turning them to make sure they're coated on all sides.

[The left-over potato material can be turned into mashed potato.]

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