bodgejob is Richard Underhill


Forced into cooking things when I suddenly found myself living alone, I quickly developed a love for cooking and was sufficiently picky in what I ate to have to try to get it right.

I'm not a big fan of fussy cookery where weights and measures need to be exact, and so my chosen food tends to be more "rustic" than Delia in nature. Still like to see what Delia cooks tho :-)

Favourite meal is fusilli pasta in a basillico ragu della Guiseppe Conti which is basically the offshoot bolognese sauce that my step-father made when he owned his restaurant in Lucerne (and long before he married my mother). His refrain when sampling my efforts at copying his sauce was "needy needy molto saltz and pfeffer. Needy more basillico". Well it *was* Switzerland...

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