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There is little to tell really, so you might as well save time and stop reading here.

However, I enjoy cooking for dinner parties, but can't be bothered for myself. A Belgian friend once ran a week's cookery course for his 12 year-old son and four of his son's friends. In a weak moment I asked if he wanted me to 'do' one evening. To my horror he accepted. The five boys all spoke French together, but one was educated near Dublin and was taught in Erse, one was educated in London and was taught in English, one was educated in Brussels and was taught in French, one was educated in north Belgium and was taught in Dutch, and the fifth lived just over the border in Germany and was taught in German. Five boys and five languages. Furthermore, two were Princes, one was a Count, another a Baron, and the fifth a Chevalier. But what amused me was to find an Englishman teaching Belgians, of all people, how to cook.

So cooking can get you into strange places.

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